Day 1 – 30 Day Challenge

Today as I was looking for ideas for how to start off my blog, I came across this writing challenge on Pinterest (or as my boyfriend calls it “Pin-interest”).  I felt really inspired by starting this blog off with a challenge, because this blog started as a new year’s resolution to write more in 2017.  So without further adieu, I give you Day 1!


Day 1: Your Blog’s Name

The name of this blog is Phoenix Rising.  For anyone who might not know, the phoenix is a mythological bird.  At the end of his/her lifecycle, the phoenix dies and turns into ashes.  From the ashes the new phoenix is born, and the bird lives it’s life throughout these different reincarnations.

For me, the phoenix has become a personal symbol of strength and a reminder that there is nothing that I cannot overcome.  I have struggled with an anxiety disorder and depression that became particularly bad in 2014.  I had to make a decision to change my life, because my lifestyle then was slowly killing me.  In 2015, I (figuratively) burned down my old life and had to start rebuilding from the ashes.  I am continuing to work towards restructure of my life, and Phoenix Rising in part will document my journey. My affinity for the phoenix was also what inspired me to select the pseudonym Lenora Phoenix.  I thought it was fitting to take a pseudonym as part of my “rebirth” if you will.

My anxiety disorder sometimes plagues me with a litany of what ifs?   When I first set up this blog, before I had decided how to start it or what to do for my first post the what ifs started creeping in.  What if I’m not actually good at writing? What if I share this blog with people I know and they hate it?  What if I don’t succeed at my goal of getting published?  Then one night, as I was getting a cup of water from my refrigerator, I saw this magnet.  It reads “What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” For a moment, I really truly thought about it a scenario in which I didn’t fail.  What if I’m good?  What if I do get published?   What if I, Lenora Phoenix, became a best selling author?  Phoenix Rising would be an apt title then for a blog that literally documented a rise to success!

So there you have it, a multi-faceted play on words that one can interpret on a few different levels.  There may be hope for me yet as a writer!  Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you come back and check on me again soon.

Until Next Time…


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