Day 2 – 20 Facts About You

Day 2: 20 facts about you

When I first started to read this, I got so excited!  20 Facts… That sounds like I’m making a list.  I love lists!  I love writing lists, and I especially like crossing things off a of list that I need to accomplish.  Then I realized that the next two words were “about you.”  This is not going to be easy!  But here goes.

  1. I am a band geek.  I played the flute in high school, and yes, I did go to band camp.
  2. My first car was a pick up truck, is a great song, but also true for me!
  3. I didn’t have a dog until I was 24, and now I have three.
  4. I have hosted exchange students from Germany, Mexico and Thailand and I still keep in contact with them all.
  5. I read really fast and I read everything.  I have been known to read the back of the shampoo bottle when I am in the shower.
  6. I have named every car I have ever owned, they have been: Wilbur, Sharise, Betty Red and Marilyn.
  7. I like camping, in particular cooking over the fire.  My family has a seasonal site, and I try to go out there as often as I can in the summer.
  8. I am the least athletic person in my family, by like a lot.
  9. I have one tattoo.  My family is still in shock.
  10. I was a girl scout for 10 years and I attained the Silver Award.
  11. I was Auntie Em in the high school production of Wizard of Oz.
  12. I studied French in high school, I also have a pen pal in France who I met through a class project.  We’ve written and remained friends for 17 years and we’ve never met in person.
  13. I have only ever completed 2 video games in my life and they are Mass Effect 1 &2.  I played them over a 2 week period when on vacation visiting my best friend.
  14. I met my boyfriend on  We talked for 2 weeks before we met in person.
  15. My favorite color is purple.
  16. I have a clinical doctorate in physical therapy.
  17. My entire life I have never lived more than 80 miles from the house I grew up in, but I have moved over a dozen times.
  18. When I moved into my current house, I spent the entire summer decorating and painting it.
  19. I have an entire drawer dedicated to make-up, but I almost never wear any.
  20. I had Laser eye surgery 9 years ago.  I haven’t had to wear glasses in all that time, but recently had to get reading glasses for “age-related changes” to my vision.

So there we have it.  20 random facts about me in no particular order!

Until Next Time



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