Day 3 – Your Favorite Quote

Day 3 – Your favorite quote

My house is a fortune cookie.  As you look around it, you will see all the strategically placed words of inspiration to myself.  My mom started this particular trend I think.  She bought me a sign that reads “I’m going to make the rest of my life the best of my life.”  It was a house warming gift for when I moved to my new place after hitting rock bottom and pressing the reset button on my life.

It was also at this time, that “A” my host daughter from Mexico had to return home.  She also left me the gift of quotes, when she filled a jar for me with 52 quotes and words of encouragement.  Once a week for a year, I got to read A’s words of wisdom and if I’m being honest these quotes and memories really helped me get through that first year.



This is a sampling of quotes from my A jar, that I stuck up on my bathroom mirror.


Many of the nights when I couldn’t sleep it was quotes of strength, motivation and encouragement that I spent hours pinning on Pinterest that would provide me comfort.  So is the magnitude of my love of quotes that it was really hard to pick just one for this blog post.  This quote though, was a particular source of inspiration for me.


I hope you live a life that you are proud of.  If you find that you are not.  I hope that you have the strength to start all over again.  ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

I can without doubt say that I am very proud of my life and that I have found the strength to start over again new.  Regardless of I’m ever truly an author by conventional definitions, I am the author of my own life story and I’m working on my masterpiece every day.








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