Day 8 – 5 Current Goals

Day 8: 5 Current Goal

Goal #1: Write more/Get Published

The reason that I started this blog was with the goal of writing more frequently.  I have found that I take great joy in writing and it is very cathartic for me.  I also have a goal of becoming a published author, but in what capacity I am not sure yet.  I have several stories that I am working on, and lots and lots of ideas!

Goal #2: Get 8 hours of sleep a night/Go to bed earlier

Study after study proves the value of sleep, yet this is something I truly struggle to do.  I am by nature a procrastinator, and a night owl.  This is not a good combination in a person who works first shift.  The struggle to get up in the morning is truly real, and lack of sleep does not improve my mental state!

Goal #3: Eat Healthier

This is actually one that my boyfriend and I are working on together.  We made a joint resolution this year to cook more and eat less processed foods.  Recently we took a cooking class and learned how to make fresh pasta.  He’s actually a super good cook!  I’m also working on decreasing my sugar intake and have nearly completely eliminated artificial sweeteners.

Goal #4: Socialize more

I am by nature an introvert, and I do have some level of anxiety in social situations.  However, I am making much more of an effort to get out there more.  It started with dating for the first time in 9 years last May and now has expanded to not only attending social events, but truly engaging with the people at those events.  I’m really happy to realize that being myself is good enough and I’m happy to be meeting more people and making more friendships.

Goal #5: Put myself first more often

I know this probably sounds completely cliché, but this is something I have been really working on.  I really struggle with saying “No” and putting myself first.  Recently though (see all the above goals) I’ve really been working on that.

Life isn’t always easy, and it’s not always easy to turn your lemons into lemonade.  But I’m really proud of the goals I’ve set for myself, and the progress I have made with self improvement.




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