Day 9 – What’s in Your Bag/Wallet

Day 9: What’s In Your Bag/Wallet

So the truth is, I don’t actually carry a purse.  I used to, but it got to be a pain because I really haven’t had a locked place to put things in the last few jobs that I’ve had.  One of those jobs also involved travelling on the road all day and going in and out of people’s homes and a bag became cumbersome.  So instead for today’s challenge, I selected a bag that I keep filled with things I enjoy for if I’m out and have down time.  I guess secretly I’m a 4 year old who needs to carry their back pack of toys.  I haven’t emptied it from the past few weekends I’ve been away so it’s a little more packed than usual.


My “I’m 4 and need things to entertain me bag”


So we start with the bag in the top left corner.  Inside this bag were the following items.

  1. Tarot Cards, a book of Tarot Spreads, and a note book to record readings – this is an amateur thing for me, and I sometimes use the cards to sort out my thoughts and feelings on a situation.
  2. Extreme Dot to Dot Book – Because… I mean it’s dot to dots for adults people!
  3. I-pad – Access to games, and my Kindle account.
  4. Soft case – To carry the I-pad and my computer.
  5. Pillow to use with the I-pad so I don’t have to hold it up.
  6. Story of my Life book – So I can write about me.
  7. Q-tips – I have to be honest, I have no idea why these were in here
  8. Lip Balm
  9. Computer Charger
  10. Wireless Mouse
  11. Eye drops
  12. Pen
  13. $10 – Not sure how this got in here, but was super excited to find it!

Next up, we have my wallet.


The contents of my wallet


There was more in my wallet than I expected there to be!

  1. Drivers License
  2. Credit Cards/Bank Card/FSA card
  3. Loyalty Cards to more stores that I would like to admit
  4. AAA card – one of my favorites!
  5. A few checks – just in case
  6. Receipts – I had several receipts jammed into various areas of the wallet.
  7. $30
  8. A smattering of coins.
  9. A collection of gift cards – Some I found again recently, others were from Christmas
  10. Coupon for a Free bunch of Bananas if I spend $10 at Shoprite
  11. Appointment cards for various Doctors
  12.  A Card from a bouquet that my boyfriend got me

So that was actually a lot more random than even I expected.  Makes sense though, I am a very random person.



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