Day 10 – The Best Trip of Your Life

Day 10: The Best Trip of Your Life

I tend to think of myself as a bit more of a homebody.  I love to curl up at home on the couch with my puppies and read, write, color, or watch TV or movies.  Yet when today’s topic showed up, I started thinking about all the trips I’ve taken and I realized that I’ve actually travelled quite a bit.

My family didn’t fly when I was younger and all of our family vacations involved us driving to our destination.  Often times, we would take our camper and finding a nearby campsite.  We even camped in Disney’s Fort Wilderness (which I can highly recommend!).  We also often travelled with friends and other family which made our trips even more special.  I think that I’ve seen most of the eastern United States seaboard, visiting Tennessee, Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia and even spent some time in Canada.

However, since my first flight wasn’t until I was 14 years old, I have always found the airport to be intimidating.   Later in life I often travelled with a family who exclusively flew and I ventured further to the western half of the country when I visited Alaska and New Mexico and overseas to Ireland.  I think that the first time I really The first time I flew solo I was in my late 20’s.  I went to Indiana visiting my best friend and her husband, and it was pretty epic!  I do remember successfully finding the correct terminal in my layover and thinking “Wow, I’m so nailing this adulting thing.” The rest of the trip is pretty epic and included a komodo dragon, a rhino, bowling, and potato thievery… But that’s a story for another time.

It was very difficult to select a trip, but in the end there is one that really stands out to me and I just knew I had to select it to write about it for this post.  So without further adieu…



Three Generations from Left to Right, My Grandmother, My Mom and Myself

I’m not sure how it came up, but I do believe it started when I was able to get discounted tickets for the fast ferry from a nearby to where I was working at the time.  My mom and Grandmother immediately agreed and the trip was born.  I found an excellent Bed and Breakfast on the water.  We had a room with a private entrance on the first floor and a gorgeous room and with an attached sunroom.  Much to my grandmother’s delight they also had free Wi-Fi (so my grandfather wasn’t able to get the edge and pass her level in Candy Crush!)

The view from our Bed and Breakfast

The trip was really low key and spontaneous.  I think we laughed almost the entire time. We had amazing breakfasts right in the place we were staying.  My mom rented a Jeep and we went cruising around the island.  We saw all the little towns and villages, and even the famous bridge from the movie Jaws.  One of my favorite memories was going out for donuts late in the evening to get apple fritters from this cute little shop that sells donuts out the back door after hours.  They even had a donut bouncer to keep the crowds in line!

The Lighthouse at Gayhead

The other place I really liked was the Gingerbread Cottages.  Originally they were built in the 1800’s and used as a Methodist Church Retreat.  It’s really a beautiful place to walk around.  All of the houses are painted bright fun colors and considering that they were just used for a few weeks each summer they are extremely ornate.  There is also a sense of community here that I just love as many of the houses have been handed down through families for generations.

I wanted to move into this house!  It’s all purple!!!

In the end, it wasn’t about the particulars of the trips.  The reason this was the best trip ever for me is the fact that I got to spend it with my mom and grandmother.  Not everyone gets to have these kinds of memories, or take trips that cross the generations.  I am so fortunate to have these women in my life and to have gotten to experience this trip with them.



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