Day 13: What’s Inside Your Fridge

Day 13: What’s Inside Your Fridge.

I knew this entry was coming up and I had a thought to go shopping before I wrote it so there were actually be things in my fridge.  I will admit that I did clean the fridge of expired leftovers.  I don’t think that’s cheating though, because I have actually not been home the past two days.  If I’m being truly honest though, this is pretty typical of my fridge now that I don’t have any exchange students in the house and I’m living solo.


My Refrigerator Door


Starting with the door, the first the first thing you can see my refrigerator is pretty old.  It’s the last of the appliances that came with the house.  The people who owned my home prior to me lived here about 37 years and I actually think they bought this refrigerator new when they moved into the house.  I’ve already replaced the Brady Bunch microwave, and my homicidal stove.  It’s really just a matter of time for Mr. Fridge.

Getting back to the point of today’s entry though, I would like to point out the following things.  I apparently have an obsession with condiments, as I count 15 different marinades, dressings an other various sauces.  That is not counting the 4 different jellies and the 4 ice cream syrups.  There are a total of 4 eggs and behind the dairy door are 8 sticks of butter/margarine.  I did not do a survey of which amongst the sauces might be past expired, but I would check before I used something.  Now for the main space.



The Inner Workings of Mr. Fridge


At first glance I was struck by how many beverages I had in there!  Cranberry Juice, Orange Mango, Milk that is not expired and a plethora of Seltzers.  There are also some “adult” beverages for when I have company.  A bottle of buffalo sauce, that is unopened, so I’m not really sure why I’m chilling it.  Yet more butter, which is also weird because I don’t really ever use butter…and a carton of cream cheese.  There is also a bottle of whip cream to go with the ice cream toppings, and an open jar of pizza sauce.  It is my opinion that anything can be a pizza if you add a little pizza sauce and cheese.  Not pictured is a small packet of cheese.

I’m not a big breakfast person, so I usually don’t have any.  I am also currently working in a building that keeps kosher and I am not allowed to bring in any outside food unless it is prepackaged and kosher.  The seltzers do fit that description so I stocked up!  Point being I don’t have a huge need to get lunch supplies.  I also keep a lot of meats and veggies frozen as my schedule can be rather sporadic in the evenings and I don’t always know lately when I’ll be eating home alone or when I’ll have company.  I drive by like 4 grocery stores on the way home, so I am planning to cook I’ll just stop and get what I need fresh.  As my Aunt says “It’s the fridge of a single person” (single meaning one, not unattached).  Oh well, could be worse I guess!

Until Next Time…



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