Day 17: Your Favorite Blogs/A Check-Up

Day 17: Your Favorite Blogs/A Check-up

The Blog-o-sphere is a fairly new place for me and a new adventure.  Being honest, I have not spent that much time getting to explore other writers adventures!  And quite frankly, I don’t have a favorite blog to highlight for this entry.

So instead I thought I would take this entry to take a few moments to reflect on how I’m feeling about the challenge now that I’m more than halfway through.

I am so happy to be writing more often.  I will say that this challenge is not leaving me with any excuses not to sit down every night and spend and hour or two on creating an entry.  My time with my computer is a very peaceful time of day for me.  Once I post the entry, or schedule it to post, I often look ahead to the next topic so that I can spend some time thinking about it when I have free moments the next day.

It is a challenge to post something every day.  I know the point of the challenge is to post something new every day and do it in 30 consecutive days.  There came a point where I missed a day within the first two weeks.  I cried.  I almost stopped, deleted the blog and gave up because “I had already messed everything up anyways.”  Then I remembered something.  Life happens.  Yes, if I can anticipate that I will not have time to do an entry on Thursday because I’m going out with friends I can write the entry ahead and schedule it to be posted.  Sometimes though, things are going to come up.  Things will not go to plan.  I might feel ill or too tired.  And THAT IS OKAY.  Tomorrow is a new day.

It doesn’t bother me how many people read my entries, but it does excite me to see that people are.  I think that American culture focuses a lot on popularity.  It’s important to have many followers, likes and subscribers.  I don’t have a huge audience right now.  But I do have an audience.  I have realized, it’s more important to me to write my entries and post them because that in itself is an accomplishment for me.  (But don’t get me wrong, I love seeing likes and comments! Shout out to the people in Australia, France, Romania, Nambia, India and Canada who have stopped in!!)

So far, this experience has challenged me to write more often and to write about topics that I might not have chosen on my own.  More importantly, when I am sitting in front of my computer and writing I feel free.  I feel happy.  I feel complete.



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