Day 18: A Photograph of Yourself

Day 18: A Photograph of Yourself

As a millennial, I should have hundreds of photos to choose from for today’s post.  However, I am not much in to taking selfies and finding a picture was difficult.  Most times if I do take a selfie, it’s to send to a someone and I’m usually making a face to make them laugh.

I thought long and hard about even posting a picture of my face.  After all, the whole point of a pseudonym is anonymity right?  It seemed like a cop out though to just post a picture of a part of me though and I want to do this challenge right.

I decided to take a selfie, quick easy and simple.  I opted out of doing my hair fancy or putting on make- up because the reality is, I don’t very often do those things.  I’ve been open and honest in this blog and I don’t want to start misrepresenting myself at this point.  However, because of my OCD it did take 29 shots to come up with the three pictured below that I felt best represent me.


Three of the 29 shots I took today for todays entry

You might be wondering about the background.  I took this photo in front of my wall of postcards, which was my vision for this room when I first bought my house.  The cards have been collected from all over the world.  Some have been sent to me and other’s have been collected from places that I have visited.

In previous entry’s I mentioned that I have one tattoo.  I got it about a year ago and actually my tattoo was a big part of the inspiration for the blog.  When I finally decided what I wanted for a tattoo, it was to have a phoenix rising out of a book.  The phoenix of course as a constant reminder that there is nothing I can’t overcome.  The book to remind me that I am the author of my own life story.  My tattoo artist did a fantastic job of bringing this description to life for me.  The phoenix is purple because that is my favorite color and I wanted it to represent me.

My Tattoo

The thing is, I’m not a terribly photogenic person and I think that’s why I don’t often take photos of myself.  However, once in a while I feel like I really nailed it on a look and I want it recorded for posterity sake.  Therefore for my last photo, I will share a fairly recent photo in which I think I’m looking pretty put together (because let’s face it I’m human and slightly vain).  This photo was taken on my way to a mystery date.  My boyfriend showed up one night and he just said, come on I’m taking you somewhere fancy for dinner.  So I got all dolled up and the next think I know we are in Vermont having a very romantic date night.

Looking good!


So anyone who has been dying to know what I look like, there you have it.  The many sides of me!  Lenora Phoenix.

Until we meet again!



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