Day 19: Your Favorite Movie

Day 19: Your Favorite Movie

I love the movies.  When you read a book, you are engrossed in the story and it is up to your own imagination to develop the characters and places from a writer’s description.  However, movies are stories that are told through a complete different set of senses.  With the movies, you are watching the characters.  Oftentimes, books provide you with more details.  With movies though, actors can convey emotions through a look.  A scene may be shot through many different perspectives.  Of course there is also the music.  Music adds to the experience of a story.  Who among us can’t identify the haunting melody of the Harry Potter and Hunger Games, or the heroics of Shrek.  Music also creates emotion, evokes a sense of longing, sadness or joy depending on how it is presented and helps us to feel what the characters are feeling.

As a child some of my favorite memories are of rainy days where I could stay in and watch a movie.  In fact, today it has been overcast and gray and I have been enjoying a “Young & Hungry” marathon on Netflix (okay, so it’s not technically a movie).  I’m also now listening to a station I follow on Spotify that plays instrumental music from movie soundtracks.  It’s my favorite to play when I’m writing actually, but I digress.  Getting back to my rainy days a child.  One of my absolute favorite movies of all time to watch on a good rainy day was “The Wizard of Oz.”

My Copy on DVD

I ended up getting a copy of this movie on DVD because it is now one of my mandatory watches for any exchange students I host.  There are so many references to the “Wizard of Oz” in American pop culture!  It’s truly a classic.  I always liked it though, mostly because Dorothy was a pretty cool main character and as a young woman showed a lot of strength and courage.  I also liked the idea that somewhere out there, there are different places just waiting for us to explore.

There is also a movie that became a Christmas tradition with my brother and I.  We would rent it every year from the library.  Later when I moved away to college, I had a roommate that was as obsessed with it at I and the tradition continued.  (There may or may not have been a drinking game associated with it, I can neither confirm or deny).


A photo of my Copy!


To my knowledge, this was the movie that they actually wrote to go with the classic Irving Berlin classic “White Christmas,” which of course was recorded by Bing Crosby.  The movie is about a pair of army pals who get together after the war and become Roger’s and Hammerstein type producers.  In checking out an act, (for an old friend from the army) the Haynes sisters (played by Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen) Phil Davis (played by Danny Kaye) gets an inkling that his partner Bob Wallace (played by Bing Crosby) may like one of sisters. So he arranges for them to follow the girls up to Vermont for vacation.  When they arrive, they find out that the inn that booked the girls for the show is owned by their former Captain from the war.  Not only that, the inn is struggling to survive with the unusually warm temperatures and lack of snow.  Thus begins an adventure where the quartet devises a way to drum up business and put the inn back on the map.

As much as these two are movies that I have enjoyed many, many times neither has the title of being my favorite.


My Favorite Movie


I don’t know what it is about this movie.  It seems like there was one point in the nineties that it played as the Sunday afternoon movie every Sunday afternoon.  I can’t even say how many times I’ve seen it.  Kathleen Turner plays a romance novelist Joan Wilder (yes… zee Joan Wilder), who’s sister is kidnapped in Columbia and being held for ransom.  Though her adventurous side is limited to the pages of her books, she goes off to rescue her sister.  She ends up going in the wrong direction and runs into a man named Jack Colton (Michael Douglas).  The end result is that she and Jack end up in an adventure that parallels Joan’s romance novels that includes searching for a buried treasure.

I don’t really know what it is about this movie that I love.  For me it’s a perfect combination of humor and romance and adventure.  I also think I like the fact that even though Joan is not a spontaneous or adventurous person, she goes out of her way to going on this adventure to save her sister even when things get difficult.  

What’s your favorite movie???  Leave me a comment.  


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