Day 20: What Makes You Happy

Day 20: What Makes You Happy

The question of what makes me happy has been one that I have working towards for a while.  I find it a bit ironic today to be writing about the things that make me happy today, which used to be my wedding anniversary since my divorce is one of the events in my life which has lead me to find so much more happiness, peach and joy!

So what are some of the things that make me happy?  In no particular order…

My Puppies:  I have three bundles of energy that keep me on my toes.  There is nothing like returning home from a long day and seeing their happy little faces filled with unconditional love.  I love that when I’m down they know and they will snuggle with me.  When I cry, my big dog will lick away my tears.  I love the feeling of having a puppy pig pile when we sleep at night.  In fact, as I finish typing this up I have a big dog sleeping with her head on my foot.

Camping:  Now I will admit that I am not a traditional tent camper.  I prefer to sleep in tow along camper.  However, that is the only thing I cheat on!  When I’m at the campground, I love to lay in the hammock, take the kayak out and meditate on the water, and watch the campfire.  I love to grill and cook over the fire and I like to try new recipes.  I also love meeting new people and participating in group events.

Hugs:  Although I often stiffen up and am generally tactilely defensive, I do love the feeling of a good deep pressured hug.  It is a happy place to be when I’m feeling sad and is probably the one thing that I missed the most when I went off to college.

Ice Cream:  There is no celebration that can’t be improved with ice cream and no bad day that can’t be cured by it.

Sleeping in:  I absolutely hate beeping noises and my alarm is no exception.  For many years, I worked 6 days a week and now that I’m on a more regular schedule that gives me weekends off there is nothing better than sleeping in.  Even if I have to wake up at 6 am to let the dog out knowing I can go back to sleep and stay there is pure bliss!

My Family:  My parents are very cool and fun to hang out with.  We share a lot of common interests and it makes me happy to spend time with them.  I also love spending time with my Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins whenever the opportunity arises.  Family is so important to me.  My family has always been there for me and it makes me really happy to know that they will continue to always be there for me.

My Boyfriend:  There are so many things about my current boyfriend that make me happy.  He listens to me, he is supportive, he is interested, he helps me to try new things, he understands when I’m having a tough time.  He is also funny and kind.  I love the smell of his cologne and I love the sound of his voice on the phone and both of these things always make me smile.

Reading:  I love to get lost in a good book.  Curling up on the couch and reading for hours makes me so very happy.  I love when I can get into a zone and I just can’t put a book down.

This sign can be found in my reading nook!

Rainy Days/Thunderstorms:  I actually love to watch the lightning strike through the sky.  The Thunder is very comforting too.  I like to count the time between each and see how far away the storm is.  The sound of rain falling on the roof is very rhythmic and calming for me and gives me a reason to stay in an read, which I also love!!

Comedy specials:  They make me laugh and I love to laugh.

Patients that I work with: Some of them are so funny and charming.  Other times it makes me happy to know that I have made a difference in someone’s life.  That they are on their way to recovery and I got to be part of it. When then say “I’m glad I got you today, you’re my favorite.”

Writing:  Putting my words and thoughts down on paper.   It’s so peaceful and relaxing for me!  I always feel happier after I write.

Well there are probably a lot more areas that I’ve missed, but there you have it.  A non-complete list of the many things that make me happy.

Shine on!


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