Day 21: What Makes You Sad

Day 21: What makes you sad

Ironically, I am feeling very sad today.  I actually don’t much feel like writing to be honest, but I don’t want to miss another entry.  Life isn’t always peaches and cream after all.  Sometimes everything is wonderful and sometimes, everything is just sad and overwhelming.  So what are some of the things that make me sad?

Finding out I was not invited to an event:  Now don’t get me wrong, I won’t always go to every event either because of scheduling conflict or because of my anxiety.  But I like to know that I’ve been thought of, or that I would be welcome.  It makes me very sad when people just assume I won’t come to something, or just don’t even bother to tell me at all.  I hate being the last person in the know.

When people take advantage of my good nature:  I try to be friendly and kind to everyone that I meet.  Sometimes, that backfires and people assume that just because I’m nice they can dump on me.  I am currently dealing with a situation of this nature at work and it’s just making me very sad.  I ultimately do what is best for the people that I care for, but it makes me sad to feel like I’m set up to fail.

When I’m late:  When I can’t manage to get somewhere on time it makes me sad.  I feel like I’ve disappointed the person that I’m meeting, or just that I can’t seem to get even the simplest of things right.

If my puppies are sad:  If I spend to much time away from home, my puppies get very sad and mopey and it breaks my heart.  I would much rather see them smiling and playing with their waggy tails, then throwing themselves pathetically on the floor and heaving a big sigh.  It also makes me sad if they don’t want to snuggle with me.  I feel so rejected.

When people hurt other people:  I have to be very careful of the media that I allow myself exposure to because sometimes things are just so sad.  Natural disasters, rapists, murders and people who harm children make me just want to sit alone in my room and cry.

Feeling like I’m all alone: I have a lot of really great people in my life.  However, when I am feeling down I will often feel like I am all alone.  Sometimes, I can feel all alone even when surrounded by family in friends.  I’m just strange I guess.

Anything written or based of a novel of Nicholas Spark:  Seriously that man is a sadist.  I cannot make it through a single book or movie without feeling a deep sadness at the injustice of life and life circumstances.

When I get over tired:  When I’m overtired, everything is sad.  Music, TV commercials (especially any Thai Commercial ever made), books etc.  I tend to cry a lot too if I am fatigued.

On that note, since I am getting teary and droopy eyes, I will bid you all a good night!



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