Day 27: What’s In Your Closet

Day 27: What’s in Your Closet

I never realized how many closets there are in my house, until just now.  I Have three bedrooms, each comes equipped with it’s own closet.  There is also a closet in the bathroom.  And in the basement, I have three additional closet spaces.  Which one should I write about?

My bedroom closet is not particularly exciting.  A haphazard pile of clothes and shoes, adorn it.  There are some formal dresses from prom’s past, and a basket of costume jewelry that used to belong to my grandmother.  I can’t even say that the closet is full, as I really have very few things that I hang up.

My guest room closet is pretty empty.  There are a few spare blankets and probably a left behind item or two from a previous host child.  Same for the office, which also hosts spare blankets,  Storage is the main game of the remaining closets.  Extra cleaning supplies, batteries, old computers, photos, and spare house parts.  Those are the kinds of things that you will find.

It’s really funny though, I do have many fond memories of closets as a child.  For some reason that escapes me, I used to love to hang out in my parents front closet.  I would crawl in there past the vacuum and under the coats and hide.  Usually I would bring a flashlight and a book.  I remember feeling so safe there, in the dark and the quiet.  I guess I’ve always been an introvert.

My bedroom closet growing up though, probably housed the strangest thing.  In there, I was convince there was a vampire.  I used to lay in bed at night and stare into the shadows, imagining that Dracula was hiding in the shadows. I don’t remember having any particular fear that he would hurt me, but it was hard to sleep sometimes not knowing what he was up too in there.  Maybe he was playing with my “My Little Ponies.”

The closet in my first house was also kind of cool.  It had a “secret passageway.”  For some reason that I will never understand, the architect of the home didn’t put in a wall between the closets in the guest and master bedroom.  So if you were small enough, like my young cousins, you could actually walk between the two rooms.  The dog was also a big fan.

So that’s the closet synopsis from the Phoenix Nest.  I think that it’s not super interesting, but then again when are closets really interesting?


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