A Sunny Day

The weather today was perfect.  We are in that sweet spot of spring where it’s neither too hot nor too cold.  Stepping outside today, I felt like Dorothy when she entered Munchkinland.  What just the day befor was drab and gray, today was filled with color.  The sky a striking blue.  My grass overnight transitioned from a drab brownish yellow, to a deep emerald green.  Along the edge of the driveway, the bushed have budded into bright yellow flowers.


Some of the signs of Spring in Joker’s yard



I take a deep breath and I can smell that fresh spring air.  Something along the lines of dew, dirt, new mulch and grass clippings.  The air feels clean and cool against my face, but the sun warms my skin.  It feels like a hug from a long lost friend, a stark contrast from the winter air that assaulted my skin like a thousand needles.

The birds have returned from their annual vacation to the south.  I hear them cheerfully chattering outside, as they prepare their nests and get ready to lay their eggs.  They sound happy and hopeful.  Down the street a dog barks a happy bark.  I imagine him running around and rolling in the grass.  Music plays from the house next door, and I can hear children nearby laughing and shrieking.  Someone is running a lawnmower, and I hear the steady whir as they walk up and down their yard.  I have not realized how deafening the silence of winter is until this very moment.

In the winter months, I have gotten used to there being an air of despair.  We know that this too shall pass, but there comes a point when we wonder “Will it always be this way?”  Today I feel hopeful.  It seems that the entire neighborhood is outside and in a happy mood.  I want to get out, and do things.  I am more productive in the nice weather.  When it’s too cold, I huddle under my blankets and try to conserve warmth.  The days are longer now too, and I feel that I have more energy somehow.  Maybe the sunshine has recharged me.

I never understood why the “New Year” was celebrated in the dead of winter when everything is shriveled and dead.  To me, this is the start of the new year.  There is new life and new growth happening now.  A mood of renewed hope, as people purge their winter stores, get outside and start walking.  Homes up and down my street are getting freshened up, the areas that are most neglected are being restored.  Outside, new mulch is being spread and gardens are being planted.

Though there is a lot going on in the world, in this moment I feel as if there is a tiny chance that everything is going to be okay.  I smile and step down off my porch, ready to start the day.




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