Rewind: 2

Beep.  Beep.  BEep. BEEp. BEEP! BEEP! BEEEEEP!!!

Ethel rolled over and groaned.  Looking at her clock she saw it was 10 am.  What in the world? she thought That wine must have been lot stronger than I thought, I never sleep this late.

Stretching her arms over head, she swung her legs over the bed, and slipped on her slippers.  Her flannel night gown swished as she walked down the hall to the offending noise.  She tugged at the collar Boy am I hot.  Must have turned the furnace too high. 

The beeping appeared to be coming from Maddy’s room.  She swung open the door to see the younger girl wearing nearly nothing except a tank top and a pair of what Ethel could only assume was underwear.   Her leg stuck out from the comforter, and her hair was sticking out all over in big frizz and knarls.

The door swung open more easily than Ethel expected and made a large Thump, that coincided with Ethel’s “Maddy!  What in heavens name is that infernal beeping!”

Maddy sat up with such force she nearly fell out of the bed, slamming her hand down on the clock next to the bed.  This, to Ethel’s relief stopped the beeping noise, which she now sheepishly realized was the alarm clock.  Maddy looked towards Ethel and started to scream.  Maddy scrambled and grabbed a large wooden coat hanger from the floor.

“Stand Back!”  She shouted.  “Who are you? Why are you here?  What do you want?”

“What?” Ethel replied.  “Maddy what do you mean?  I’m Mimi… I live here.  Are you okay?”

Maddy stayed her ground.  “Really?!  That’s your story?  Why are you wearing my Mimi’s things, and where did you come from??? You must have escaped from the Hospital for the Living, because clearly you are delusional and very very sick.  If you did anything to hurt her…” she trailed off, looking towards the door.

Ethel had had enough.  “Madison Lynne Porter,” she started using the younger girls full name “I don’t know what kind of drugs you are taking, but we can get you help.  I am your Mimi.  I have been your Mimi for 20 years and 5 months.  I used to change your diapers, and I know you have a birthmark on your left buttock.” Maddy lowered her coat hanger and instinctively touched where the mark was as if to check if it was covered up. Ethel continued, “You like your veggies cooked, never raw.  The year you were four, you refused to be addressed as anything other than Princess Maddi-son.  You slept with your Magic Bear until you were seventeen.  And for some reason I will never understand, you tattoo some kind of phrases along the right side of your torso, but you think I don’t know about it.”

Maddy dropped the coat hanger.  “Mimi?” She squeaked.

“Yes” Ethel said, at this point exasperated.  “What have I been saying all this time?”

“What happened to you?” Maddy was barely speaking above a whisper.

“What do you mean?” Ethel said.

Maddy could no longer speak, she pointed the full length mirror that was positioned in the corner of her room.

Ethel sighed, and stepped in front of the mirror to take a look and it was her turn to scream!

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