Entering My First Writing Contest

Yesterday, I entered my first writing contest.  Though if we wanted to be technical, I did win a writing contest when I was in Middle school.  I still have the medal.


My Medal


Being now in my thirties, I can’t remember much of what the story was about or even the place that this medal was for (I think it may have been third).  The details are really inconsequential.

At any rate, I am digressing from the original topic of discussion which was that I entered a writing contest last night.  I decided that in order to progress as a writer, I really need to put myself out there.  So, I found this contest through a search engine that seemed simple enough.  Write a 500 word or less story.  The topic: Aliens and Wine.

It actually was a lot harder for me than I thought.  The biggest challenge was keeping the word count below the 500.  The final product was 498 words!  If you want to read it, you can click on the link below.

My First Contest Story

I was pretty pleased with the final result, though I do not have any expectation that I will win.m It was fun to write it though.  More importantly, I feel a sense of accomplishment for doing it.  I want to continue to grow and improve as a writer (and a person) and challenging myself with contests is one way to really push outside my comfort zone.

Not to say that winning wouldn’t be nice…

A girl can dream right?





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