Wine Can We Go Home?

If one had been standing on that particular mountain in Spain on that autumn day, they would have seen an unusual aircraft maneuvering through the rocky terrain before finally settling in a copse of trees.  An opening appeared in the vessel’s side, as a dozen or so creatures emerged.  Blinking in the bright light, they took in the dizzying array of colors on the landscape, a sharp contrast to home.

Quickly they began a game to decide who had to stay behind and guard the ship.  There was a collective sigh, when the one they called Ro’ke lost.  The one they called So’ke was left to be his partner, a task no one envied.

The crowd quickly dispersed and Ro’ke wasted no time climbing up a tree for a better view.  “So’ke!” He cried, “Come up here!  You have to see.  The vegetation here is most unusual.  It grows in straight lines!”

So’ke started to chastise him, when the two heard a noise.  Like a flash, Ro’ke was off to investigate with So’ke quick to follow.  She did not want to be alone in this strange land.

Ro’ke was hiding behind a large rock, when she caught up. “Look” he whispered, “Natives.”

The human couple was walking up the path with a pack.  The aliens shifted shape to look like the couple.  Mesmerized they watch them select a spot to sit, and spread out a large checkered cloth.  Next came bottles and some small drinking containers.  The liquid poured in to the glass in a deep red stream, the scent intoxicating.

“I must try some.” Before So’ke could stop him, Ro’ke was approaching the couple.

“Oh Hello!” The man said, “Didn’t see you there!  How are you doing?”

Ro’ke quickly scanned the man’s brain for the language he was speaking, and matched him.  “I am doing fine” he said, speech only slightly halted.

The man continued on, introducing the woman with him and explaining that too were visiting from afar to celebrate some soul joining ritual they had undergone in a place he called the United States.  They were taking their honeymoon through a great travel site called Wine Tourism Spain .  Ro’ke responded that he too was on a moon-of-honey!

“We must toast!” More glasses appeared and the aliens watched the ruby liquid slosh into the glass.  “Salud!”  The aliens drank deeply, but soon the couple left.  When the two returned to the ship’s site, everything went black.

When they came too, the others were standing over them in concern.  It seemed that everyone had encountered the strange liquid, though Ro’ke and So’ke were the only two to consume it.  One creature reported it was called “Wine,” another that it was made from the berries of the strange trees that stood in lines.  The aliens were baffled as to why the locals were so obsessed with the drink.  Deciding it was too dangerous to find out, they packed up the ship and flew off to their next adventure.

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