Rewind: 4

Ethel tugged at the shirt that Maddy had given her to wear.  At least, Maddy had kept the outfit simple, with a pair of black pedal pushers, white tennis shoes and a white t-shirt.  It turned out that the two were the same size, except in the bust.  While Ethel’s large granny bra didn’t fit, neither did Maddy’s demi-cups.  Or maybe the just made clothes differently these days, Ethel was not sure.  Ethel fidgeted with the shirt again, which in her opinion was just made too short.  If she pulled it up to cover her bosom, then her midriff was showing.  Ethel sighed, and settled on pulling the shirt up and holding her purse in front of her stomach like a shield.

Maddy wasn’t sure where one took their 90-now-20-year-old grandmother to shop.  She finally settled on a local department store figuring that they would be the most time/cost efficient being a one stop shop.  She had no idea what to expect, but shopping with young Mimi was fun.  She was surprised that her grandmother had such an eye for fashion.  Though Mimi selected more conservative items, then Maddy tended to wear, her style was not inherently elderly.  Maddy made a mental note of the pieces she intended to borrow.

They rounded the corner and came upon the shoe department.  Maddy couldn’t help but smile at the look on Mimi’s face.  “Lord Almighty” she exclaimed.  “Will you just LOOK at all the shoes!”  She actually squealed as she ran across the store. Maddy couldn’t help but laugh as she rushed to keep up.

Maddy would have thought that Mimi would have picked a sensible pair of flats, but she was having none of it.  “Sweetheart, a woman isn’t fully dressed without a pair of heels!”  She gawked at the stilettos, but was happy to find out that kitten heels were still in style, as well as a variety of shoes with a more sensibly thick heel.  She was also enamored with the wedges.

When they checked out, Maddy surprise Ethel by being so savvy with her finances.  The young girl corrected the clerk twice on items that didn’t ring up correctly, and had some kind of coupon in her cell phone that took 30% off of the entire order.  In the end, Mimi only ended up spending a few hundred of her secret stash and left with several bags of clothing.

“I’m famished!” Mimi said.

“Okay, let’s go get some lunch.  Do you have something in mind?”  Mimi gave her a big grin.

The burger place Mimi picked out had been in business since the 1930’s.  Mimi remembered going there with her friends when she was a teenager.  It had changed a bit since then, but the wait staff still wore old-timey uniforms and the restaurant still mixed both their sodas by hand.

“I’ll have a cheeseburger, French fries and a chocolate shake.  Large.” Mimi ordered.

Maddy’s mouth gapped open “Mimi are you sure?”

“Positive.  In fact, she’ll have the same.” She told the waitress and dismissed her.

“But Mimi, do you know how much cholesterol is in cheese and beef?  Not to mention the sugar in the shake…”  Maddy tailed off at her grandmother’s glare.

“Madison Lynne,” she said.  “Following the doctor’s recommendation, I haven’t eaten a single thing that has had a lick of taste in nearly 20 years!”

Maddy had no argument.  Besides, she figured if the burger was what did her in at least she’d die happy.

“So” Mimi began.  “What are our plans for this evening?  Where do you go every Saturday night anyways?”

“Well…” Maddy hesitated.

“Maddy, please.” Mimi looked at her earnestly. “Can you please forget that I’m your grandmother for a bit?  Think of me as a long-lost cousin or something?  I promise, I will not judge you or lecture.” “It’s not that Mimi,” Maddy said.  “Well it’s a little like that, but I trust we can have a what-happens-in-Vegas type weekend.” Mimi nodded.  “It’s just that any of the clubs that I would go to require ID.  Even if your driver’s license was valid, we could hardly use it.  The other thing is that, I’m not sure it would really be your scene.”

“Is there music? Dancing? Drinks?” Mimi inquired.  At Maddy’s “Yes, but” – Mimi cut her off.  “Then it’s my kind of place.  Now how does one go about getting a counterfeit ID?”




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