The Sprain of a Lifetime

At the end of March, I decided to take a few days off.  I realized around that time that I had not really had a day off since December.  January on had been very stressful with work in an unexpectedly difficult transition, and I was facing another transition at the beginning of April.  I decided to take off Thursday and Friday for a long weekend.

This did not end well.

Friday night, I ended up falling off the last stair at Joker’s house.  I was happy to find out that I didn’t break anything, but I did sprain the ankle.  I was issued an air cast, and told to use crutches for a few days.  I returned to work on Monday, as I had no Doctor’s note to excuse me.  After two weeks, I was continuing to have pain, so I went to seen an orthopedic doctor.  She confirmed the sprain and suggested that I go to physical therapy.

I am physical therapy.

I have for the last 7 years been a physical therapist.  My specialty areas are geriatrics, neurological conditions and amputees though.  A bit different than treating a young person with an ankle sprain, but still it seems dumb to go to a colleague for treatment when I can do my own therapy.  Not to mention that cheap me wants to save on the co-pay.  Indeed, I have been exercising and stretching the ankle with great improvement, but I’m still some pain and stiffness AND numbness in my middle toe.  It feels like I have something wrapped around it, and makes it difficult to walk comfortably.

So, I am biting the bullet and swallowing my pride.  I will go see a therapist who specializes in these conditions on tomorrow.

Why am I so anxious about this??



4 thoughts on “The Sprain of a Lifetime

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