A Belated Wedding Note for E.

E –

To say the cliche….  You were the most radiant bride that I have ever seen, and I am so happy for you and Mr. C.

I am TRULY happy that you invited me to be part of your special day.  Seeing you and Mr. C made me cry… Literally.  It’s not for the reasons you might think either.  Not for pity of my own failed mistakes, or jealousy of any sort.  I cried instead in joy, for the love you share with Mr. C, and for how radiant you looked.

I have known you since we were in elementary school.  You have been a constant in my life.  From our girl scout days, to our band trips, the summer camps we worked out, the thousands of baby-sitting gigs that we did together, the softball team you convinced me to join, to the class projects we shared and the classes we skipped together.  (I’m definitely just talking about Senior skip day….definitely we never skipped any other classes  0;) ).  I have a lot of fond memories of you and I wouldn’t have picked anyone else to be a my “twin”, to be honest, I half expected to get your diploma after receiving so many of your papers back in school.

You have always been a voice of reason in my life.  You alone told me that I was stupid to get married at 24 (unfortunately I didn’t listen).  You have always made an effort to be there and make time for me.  I really appreciate that.  Even when I’m not able to be a good friend, you have never given up on me.   Thank you.

You inspire me because you have always known what you want out of life and you do it.  You like to travel, you make it happen.  You wanted to teach math, you teach math.  (Although I do remember a period in high school where you had a different career goal every week… I believe you wanted to be an astronaut?).  You have been through your share of heartbreak and you didn’t let it break you.  You have never given up on love.  Love clearly didn’t give up on you.

When I saw you in your white dress walking down the aisle I got choked up.  You exuded joy and happiness.

I know you are in good hands and have a beautiful life to live.

All the best!!!



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