The Story of Fluffy Dog

Fluffy dog is the only dog that I have had since he was a mere three months old.  I am embarrassed to admit that I first met him at a pet store, where I let myself be talked into paying an exorbitant amount for this little ball of fluff.  To be fair, he was super cute.  I was not for getting a dog at the time.  I never had cuddly animals growing up, and I had really no desire to get one at the time.  It was however, important to my ex and so get a dog we did.

Fluffy dog is a shih-tzu and he is now seven years old.  He’s my middle puppy child.  I can’t lie to you, he’s seriously the cutest dog that I have ever met.  He often gets compared to an ewok, and is nearly all white with just some areas of tan.  He has this little head tilt that he does, and his eyes sometimes just peer directly into your soul.

Shih-Tzu’s are often thought to be more of the dumber dogs because they are very difficult to train, but the reality is that they are just incredibly stubborn.  This dog is not stupid.  He knows how to tell time, and will right up in your face at five o’clock on the nose looking for his supper.  He knows how to communicate his needs.  He will come up to me and give a short sneeze/not-quite-a-bark to get my attention.  He can then accurately let me know if he is “Hungry,” “Thirsty,” or needs to go “Outside” by calmly issuing one bark at the appropriate item.  He can do this no matter what order you ask him the questions in.

Fluffy dog is not without his issues.  He loves to go through the trash.  He steals my underwear when I am taking a shower.  He will shred any kind of paper in two minutes flat. That can even include an entire box of tissues if left on the floor.  Also, because of his hip dysplasia from inbreeding (he is pure breed with papers and has a grandma and grandpa who were brother and sister), he has issues with incontinence from time to time and has trouble on the stairs.  Oh, and he likes to sit on towels and will drag hand towels and facecloths out of the clean laundry to lay on.

I will say about Fluffy dog, that he really knows how to come through for me.  When I am not feeling well, he is right by my side.  He has licked my belly to help it settle during a stomach bug.  He likes to cuddle in the nook of my shoulder when I am feeling down.  He also knows how to throw some serious shade on those who have done us wrong.

I almost didn’t get to keep fluffy dog after I divorced, but I have to say (most days), I’m really happy that it worked out this way.


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