Side Effects

Medication can be a tricky thing.  Though we use research, evidence and science to pick dosages and select the right options, it’s still more of an art than a science.  Everyone has a unique genetic code and that code correlates to them and this means that every person has the capacity to react differently to any given medication.

I feel like medications taken for mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety are particularly difficult to manage.  For one thing, the etiology and physiology of these disease processes are so different for each individual.  My depression could be triggered by imbalance in nor-epinephrine and someone else could suffer an imbalance of serotonin.

The same is true with medications.  For example, I have found that there are certain classes of medications that cause me to have a large variety of side effects.  The difficult thing with medications that treat mental illness though is that they take a long time before you even see the effects.  Side effects can also manifest immediately, or take several months.  Many of the medications take weeks to wean up or down, so if you are experiencing side effects it could take a long time to get the medication out of your system and a long time for a new medication to take effect.

It’s frustrating.

The thing is, depression doesn’t say “Hey everything is awesome! I’ll go away and come back when things suck again.” Which is why, I had a medication change a few months ago.  Now, however the negatives now outweigh the benefits and so we try something new.  It will take time.  It’s discouraging.  Especially since one of the side effects was weight gain, and it has put me into a very unhealthy weight range.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my body and I don’t take issue with how I look.  I do know however, that I need to maintain a healthier weight.

So the next challenge begins… stay tuned!


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