Lying with Dogs

I am the crazy dog lady of the neighborhood, but not on purpose.  You see when I divorced, I gained custody of all three of our dogs.  Some of you may have already read about Fluffy Dog, and Big Dog.  I have not yet shared the story of Little Dog, and you will hear more about him another day.

What I haven’t mentioned is that Joker is also an animal lover.  He comes to the table with two additional dogs, whom I have dubbed Yappy Dog, and Jumpy Dog.  (More about them another day).  He also has a menagerie of reptiles to include 2 snakes, 3 geckos, and a blue-tongued skink.

It has always been a concern for us regarding the dogs, because 5 is a LOT of (Effing) dogs.  I may be a crazy dog lady, but even I have my limits.

Because we didn’t know how it would go, it actually took us about 3-4 months to introduce the dogs, and then we did so gradually.  Surprisingly, they have all taken to one another really well!  We have had a few grumps and snarls, but overall everyone has figured out one another and pack order has been established.  For example, I am the alpha female and they all know it… even Joker.

Over the past two weeks, we have had the dogs getting used to being together more as Joker and I have decided that we would like to live together.  He is planning to move into the Phoenix Nest at the end of the summer.  So that means that we have 5 dogs full time.

There are dogs everywhere…

In fact as I type this right now, I am in bed surrounded in a big puppy pig pile.  When they are asleep and snuggling with me and each other, it’s just one of the sweetest things.  I love them so much and want to protect and care for each of them.

Now when they are all awake…

Well it’s not simple, but we are working it out.  They have a doggie door to the backyard, which is great for them to go out… and in… and out… and in…  They also have established a routine for supper and for getting attention, by taking turns for pets and snuggles.  Dogs are surprisingly adaptable.

I wouldn’t recommend that everyone go out and get 5 dogs and I definitely do not plan any further animal acquisitions.  For now, I’m just going to enjoy the new experience and my little Brady Bunch of dogs.

Oh yeah and all the puppy kisses!









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