I live in a fairly close knit neighborhood, and by close knit, I mean that the houses are rather close together.  Of course, I actually know and like all of my neighbors too!  I therefore established a routine with the dogs that I call “Last Potty.”  It’s kinda like “Last Call” for the backyard.  Just before I got to bed, I say “Time for Last Potty” and like good little minions the dogs file out to do their business and then come back in and head to bed.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that everyone is going to sleep through the night.  Usually Big Dog (and now Jumpy Dog) will ask to go outside around 3 am.  It’s always quick, as I unlock the doggie door so she can pee, then come back quickly inside.

Last night, Joker took the 3 am doggie pee shift.  I woke up  some time later to a frantic yell that Jumpy dog had been attacked and Big Dog would not stop barking and would not come in.  I lept from my bed, and rushed outside fearing the worst!  I found the two dog surrounding an opossum in a show down that would have put the wild west to shame.

Picture a little white opossum, snarling and hissing as two dogs that are three times it’s size.  The dogs had it cornered, and were on the defensive.  There is no way that THING was going to be allowed to just hang out in OUR yard!

A Dramatic Re-Enactment of the Offender

Naturally Yappy Dog followed me outside and ran to my defense.  So it was me, barefoot with three dogs to round up.  It took me about 20 minutes before I managed to close enough to the dogs and far enough from the scary nighttime creature to grab them and hurry them inside.  It took me longer than that to calm down and fall asleep!

Thus I overslept and was late to work.  Luckily, my boss was not upset.  Looking for an early bed-time tonight…

And hopefully no encounters of the nocturnal mammalian kind!


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