Day 1: What Smell are you Grateful for Today?

I’ve actually been putting off writing this entry, even though it is the first of the gratitude challenge.  The reason is two fold.  One is that I have been super busy over the past 5 days with Joker’s move into my home.  We expected that he would be moving in, but had unexpected access to a truck this weekend and took advantage of it.  So I didn’t really have a lot of free time, AND most of the smells we encountered were sweat and body odor.

The second reason is I don’t really know how to describe a smell.  It’s not something that most people think about, but it’s really such an important sense!  There are smells that I encounter that can transport me back to a memory, or an emotion.  It’s such a powerful thing, and I don’t think I have ever taken much time to think about it!

Of course there are the smells that you are not grateful to have.  For example, the rotting mystery item that was hiding in my fridge today, or the dog barf that I had to clean off of the couch (that one had me gagging so hard I pulled a neck muscle).

There were more pleasant smells in my day.  The anti-septic smell of the orthopedic office where I got a clean bill of health on my ankle was a good one.  There is also a unique combination of farm and hot fudge that I encountered at the local ice cream stand, where I enjoyed a red, white and blue banana split today with Joker.  The way the house smelled after I washed the floors, clean and fresh fills me with accomplishment.  There was also the smell of turkey grilling, and sweet potato fries that was strong enough to lure Joker out of his office into the kitchen to see what was up!  Finally there was the clean laundry smell that permeates the house and back yard when the dryer is running.

So to pick one smell that I am grateful for today…

I think I have to pick the smell of the outdoors.  Standing in the yard this afternoon, I can smell fresh cut grass, and a freshness to the air as the breeze rustles through the trees.  I can smell summer on Fluffy Dog when he comes in from the out and snuggles with me.  To me summer smells like fun, and relaxation and having a good time!  I am grateful to have the hot and sunny times to enjoy, to offset the cold and dreary days of winter.  I am also grateful that I can go out and enjoy it!

With a happy heart,




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