Day 3: What Color are you Grateful for?

I’ve known that this is a topic that I needed to write about for the gratitude challenge for some time.  I’ve spent the last few weeks, looking around trying to determine what color it is that inspires me to feel gratitude.

In the time that I’ve been trying to decide how one can be grateful for a color of all things, I have been going through a rough patch mentally.  Which lead me to bring out my coloring books.  Coloring is such a therapeutic task for me.  When I was a child, I really enjoyed both coloring and painting with water.  I had these books that were pre-printed and when you applied water, the ink ran to color them in.  I could sit at the table for hours just doodling away.  I’ve favored coloring over drawing though as I feel I have very little aptitude for that!

As I was sitting there coloring, I realized.  I am grateful for all the colors that make up this world. I think that were the world to be black and white, or shades of gray it would be a very dull world.  So maybe it’s a lame answer to the gratitude, but I am grateful non-the-less.

Since you are dying to see my works-o-art… here you go:


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