Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

This week I decided to check another item of of my life bucket list.  I donated my hair to charity.  Honestly, this has been on the bucket list for a while, but I usually get about 6 inches grown and just can’t take it any more, and trim it to a more manageable length.  But the past few months, I’ve been otherwise occupied and haven’t gotten to setting up an appointment.  As you can see my hair had gotten a little out of control.  I call this hair style 5th grade triangle hair.


My hair looks like a triangle




Of note, my mom was in a previous life a hairdresser, and for a fun fact I have only had someone else touch my hair on 2 other occasions.  I should also point out, that I often get lazy when it comes to my hair, and as a result I’ll end up looking like above.  I don’t want anyone to get the impression that she is lousy at hair, but I do lack follow through.  I think the last time I had my hair done was over three months ago.  We had difficulty deciding how many ponies to make, but in the end decided on two.



This is me seriously reconsidering this decision




I actually thought that I might panic when the hair came off, but it was actually quite a relief.  My mom on the other hand, freaked out a little bit until it was shaped. I put a little pressure on her too because I couldn’t really figure out how much hair that I would have left and I couldn’t decide on a style.  In the end, I just let her do her thing.



I think that the hair looks fake in the back



The charity that I am sending it to is called  Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths. I chose Pantene because they both accept only 8 inches of hair, and they additionally give free wigs to cancer patients.  As I work with many cancer patients, this is a near and dear cause.



The Finished Product

The finished product, I can’t argue with.  I absolutely love how the color and cut came out.  I also love how easy the maintenance is on the hair, it’s really a wash and go kind of style, which really fits into my lifestyle well!  Big thanks to my wonderful styling mother for doing this for me!



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