Hidden Talents

So it’s been about a month that I have been on hiatus from the blog.  I wish I could tell you that in that time I have written several chapters of a novel, or started compiling a book of poetry, but alas I have not.  I have in fact been putting to use one of my many other talents, and in this case it’s prepping a home for sale.  None other than the Fun House (Joker’s Home), as he has gradually moved his way into my house over the summer.

It definitely has been a project that has taken both of us a considerable amount of time and energy.  In addition to moving his items to the Phoenix’s Nest, we have had to do a little re-modeling, staging and some downsizing.  It is not a well known fact, but I actually painted (almost my entire home) the year after I got divorced.  There is something very cathartic about painting, particularly cutting in for me.  It’s work that requires focus.  You need to concentrate on painting inside the lines.  It’s a form of meditation, the repetition.  Dip. Brush. Dip.

Another thing that I enjoy about painting is that there is tangible evidence of where you have been.  In a glance, you can see both where you have been and where you need to go.  There is no guess work.  Black and white.  Blue to Green.  Brown to Pink.  When you are complete it all looks fresh and new.

In the Fun house there was an abundance of wallpaper.  Most note-ably was the dog bathroom.  For months I watched those little buggers stare at me while I showered and there was a certain satisfaction to taking them down, one by one.

Only time will tell if the mini-face lift to the Fun House will be enough to entice a buyer.  Joker and I remain hopeful, but it’s always stressful listing a house.  You need the right player to come along, and it’s hard to know exactly how many players there actually are in the game.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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