The Rock

Recently, I stumbled upon this project that is happening my hometown.  It’s a group called My Town Rocks, and I have recently found out that is an off shoot of the Kindness Rocks movement.   If you haven’t heard of it, the premise is simple.  People paint rocks with inspiring messages, kind words, or in our offshoot, even just creative pictures.   Then you leave the rock somewhere that someone is likely to find it, a random act of kindness to make someone smile.

This movement has really gathered steam in my hometown.  There are about 3,000 members in our Facebook group.  There are so many people that are painting and hiding rocks.  Parent’s are spending weekends with their kids “Rock Hunting” around town.  People of all ages are making rocks.  When the rocks are found, people sometimes post that they found them which is exciting for me.  Some keep the rocks, and some will re-hide them in a new location.

For my anxiety, this has been so cathartic.  There is something about creating that I have always liked, and working on a relatively small canvas is great.  The projects are short enough that I can accomplish 1 or 2 in an evening, and I have enjoyed looking at other artists in town for ideas.  Pinterest also is an inspiring place to find short quotes and ideas for rock decorations.  I find that it clears my mind.  Joker has been getting in to helping me to hide the rocks around town.

So last week, Joker decided to get into the fun, and create his own rock.  This happened on Thursday night.  There was something going on with his house, which is on the market and he was particularly frustrated with a situation that had come up there.   So he came home and while I was finishing dinner, he asked if he could go down and create a rock.  He said that it seemed like it’s very relaxing for me, and he was super stressed, and on the ride home he had come up with a great idea.   So downstairs he went.  After dinner, he asked me to wait upstairs so that he could give me the rock and this is what I saw…


The rock was painted like an engagement ring with a band that circled the ring vertically.  On one side were our initials with an infinity symbol.  On the other side was the date.  It was at the point, that Joker got down on one knee and asked me if I would be willing to spend the rest of my life with him.  Naturally, I said YES!

So it’s official, I am engaged!  I am honestly thrilled and honestly still in a little shock!  I posted the news on my social media site, and within hours, I had over 150 likes and nearly 100 comments.  I did not expect this news to have that big of a reaction!  I am very excited to be a fi-nancy (aka our joke term for fiancee).  I could not be happier about how life is going.  There have certainly been struggles, but these have only made this celebration of love more sweet.


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