Nap Time

While I am not sure of my habits as an infant, throughout my adult life I have been a huge fan of naps.  As a teenager, I had such a laziness about me that my mother actually has an entire scrap book page of me sitting down and/or sleeping on nearly every vacation.

I particularly had a renewed interest in naps in college.  Suddenly being at class for 8 am was akin to being up at 4:30 in the morning.  A nap was nearly requirement to make it through the day.  When I got to grad school I lived in my sweats or my pajamas, in turn making naps nearly unavoidable.  I also have the uncanny ability to fall asleep nearly anywhere.  So it was not unusual to find me passed out face first in the dining hall after lunch for 30 min.  I figured that it would be better than class.  Social media was still a fledgling idea, so I avoided public embarrassment at the time.

I find it funny too, that my internal alarm clock is uncanny for naps.  Last week, I found myself having an hour to kill while waiting to go into my therapy session.  I mistakenly set the alarm for 29 hours instead of 29 minutes.  But exactly 1 minute to go until my apartment I startled awake, saw the clock and ran in.

Having a napping super power does not always have it’s perks though.  The past few weeks I have found myself at home in one of two states.  Frantic activity, or complete and utterly comatose.  I have fallen asleep in uncomfortable positions all over the house, and at the worst possible hours.  Today I found myself completely passed out on the reclining chair after dinner from seven to eight.  Unfortunately, these kind of naps can seriously alter my sleep patterns, which is why I have decided to write a blog entry at midnight on a work night.  This weekend, it was across the couch at 3:30 pm.

I don’t know why I am more tired than I normally am.  I am about two months in on my new medication which is not supposed to be sleep inducing.  My anxiety levels have been down overall.  I have been at less stress at work, and overall much happier with how things have been working out, but I have been having to spend much more time mentally prepping and researching diagnoses that I have not seen/treated in several years.  We are also prepping a work move, as well as the continued unpacking/re-vamping and re-arranging that is happening here.  Perhaps this is my body’s way of just unwinding and relaxing after the months of stress at work, home and the heightened anxiety and depression.  Maybe it’s just that big dog has been particularly cuddly!  Either way, I’m going to listen to my body and sleep when it wants (within reason of course).


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