Fall Back

Daylight Savings Time… in the words of John Oliver “How is this still a thing?”  Twice every year, we move our clocks in various directions.  Forward in the spring one hour to “spring ahead” and back one hour in the fall to “fall back”.  Not all countries do this, and to be honest I don’t know why we still do.

Falling back is definitely the preferable of the two time changes.  When you turn the clocks back at 2 am to 1 am, then you are essentially gaining an extra hour of day.  So when I woke up at 8 am this morning, my body felt like it was really 9 am.  Unfortunately that also meant that at 3 pm I hit a major wall when my body was telling me it was 4 pm!  Fluffy dog was also less than amused by this development, when his dinner time was delayed by an hour (or the way he carries on about it, several years).  Apparently dogs don’t understand a sudden clock shift either.

The other downside to this change is that it now will start to get dark at night at 4pm.  So for the winter months, I will go from waking up in the dark and heading to work in the pitch black to also driving home in the pitch black.  It isn’t surprising that there are a large number of people in my part of the States that suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is a fancy way of saying developing a clinical depression every year in the cold/dark months that resolves itself when the spring comes around and the sun re-appears for another run.

I saw this on Facebook, but credit goes to Adrienne Hedger at http://www.adriennehedger.com

With the clocks officially changed (well half of them anyways – I own a LOT of clocks).  Is the realization that we are really and truly into fall.  In fact, it will only be weeks before the holiday season is upon us (including a birthday for your’s truly 😉 ).  Until next time!



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