An Unpleasant Surprise

I do tend to be a person who will procrastinate, which is why on Friday night I was picking up my medication refill approximately 1 hour before the pharmacy closed.  An interesting thing about my pharmacy is that I actually used to work there about 7 years ago.  The pharmacist, M, used to be a co-worker.  It’s interesting to note too that even though it is part of a nationwide chain, there is usually very little wait.  Typically my routine is to go say hello and ask them to fill my medication.  Then I go shop around for a bit and return to pick up the prescription.

Friday was different however.  I was just getting around to looking at the seasonal aisle when I heard my name over the intercom.  “Lenora, please return to the pharmacy.”

At first I was not overly alarmed.  I instead thought she was just done, but when I arrived at the counter M greeted me with “Did your insurance company let you know that they were no longer covering your medication?”

Internally, I said “Pharmacy lady say what!?”

Out loud, I said “Noooooo, why is that what is happening?”

M then went on to explain that when she tried to fill the prescription the computer was telling her that my insurance no longer carried the drug on the formulary.  She asked if I wanted to call the insurance company before I filled it, but of course it was a Friday and I only had one pill left.  (If you are unfamiliar with psych medications, it is worthwhile to note that just going cold turkey is a terrible life choice.

So I paid 96% more (a couple hundred dollars) for my medication this month.  Which means tomorrow I will be calling my insurance company and my psychiatrist.  I am anticipating that I am going to have to switch medications again, because long term I just cannot afford to pay that much per month for medication each month.

As I don’t officially know what is happening yet, I cannot say how I feel about it.  However, to say that I am extremely discouraged is an understatement.  As if dealing with anxiety and depression aren’t difficult enough, I am now at the whim of my insurance company to effectively tell me what I can and can’t use for medication.  I will say that they very nicely suggested 3 other medications that I might take instead.  One I have taken before with poor effect, the other is in a class of drugs that exacerbates my condition and the third one isn’t even comparable to what I am currently using.






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