A What!?

I am doing a very exciting and unusual thing starting on Friday.


You read that right.  I am taking a vacation.  Now, don’t get too excited, because I am not actually doing anything terribly exciting during this hiatus.  I am most emphatically taking a very typical stay-cation.  Joker and I have been busting our buns the past two weekends on various projects so, while I do plan to get some things tackled around the house.  I will also plan to take some time to actually relax and recharge.  I am hoping to get a few blog entries up and ready to go, finish my Christmas shopping (and some Christmas projects) and maybe do some reading?  Yours truly will also be celebrating a very special event next week… (more on that later).

I am in desperate need for some time off.  I do now work a weekend rotation that allows me a three day weekend each month.  I don’t love that part, because a) I worked weekends, six days a week, and a Tuesday through Saturday position for nearly a decade of my life), and b) as a creature of habit it makes me so confused to have one random day off rather than two in a row.

If I am really looking back on it, the last time I actually had a full week off was when my goddaughter was born (in May of 2016).  You might remember that I took a four day weekend in March, and I sprained my ankle.  I ended up spending the weekend essentially in bed (and not in the fun way).  You would have thought I would have been able to take time off then… but alas that was not to be.

Time off is so essential for mental health and I do attribute my lack of it to some of my difficulties recently.  However, as many of you also know the past two years there have been a lot of transitions at work and that has made it difficult to take time off.  I did have to use up some of my precious time off this summer too when I was being required to work five days a week, but not getting full time hours in order to make bills.

So in conclusion, it’s been a LOOOOOOONG time coming.




2 days and counting!





2 thoughts on “A What!?

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