An Update Regarding the Medication

I just wanted to post a little blurb today regarding the medication situation.  As you all know, a few weeks ago I had a very unpleasant surprise when I went to pick up my medication.  You know, the medication that is actually working (most of the time) and allows me to be a semi-functional human being????  Yeah… That one.  I ended up paying nearly quadruple the price of the medication because I didn’t want to quit cold turkey.

So I have not been able to pin down my insurance company, but I did go and visit with the doctor today who was rather disappointed that I didn’t call him.  He is actually now working with my insurance company to get my money refunded and figure out why they discontinued the coverage suddenly.  So the good news is, that at least for the meantime, I don’t have to look too far into getting a new prescription.  We found out that the insurance company does not require a prior authorization and now we take it from there.  As if it isn’t difficult enough to a) find something that works, and b) convince a patient to take it regularly, there is the added fun of trying to get it for a reasonable price.

Le Sigh…


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