Little Dog… Little Cat???

As you all know, I am a crazy dog lady.  We have in our current household five dogs that have come together in a rather goofy group.  We affectionately refer to them as the “The Brady Bunch of Dogs.”  Among their ranks: Big Dog, Little Dog, Fluffy Dog, Yappy Dog, and Jumpy Dog.

You may know that when dogs start to outnumber their owners, they will start to form a pack.  In some ways, even dogs that have just human owners feel that they are part of a pack, and if there is a struggle for alpha leadership in the pack the dogs will often exhibit behaviors that their human owners do not like.  We are often asked who is the alpha in our little pack family.

Um…. Duh…. Yours Truly.

When I say sit, butts hit the floor.  Momma not playing around.

However, in the doggy subset, it would unequivocally be Little Dog.  Little Dog is a black Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix).  He recently celebrated his 9th Birthday in November and he weighs in at only ten pounds.  He is NOT afraid to let any of the other dogs know what’s what.

He also thinks he is a cat.

Little Dog has about 3 spots in the house that he has claimed as his.  On the top of the sectional where he can survey the land and see out the window, downstairs on the arm of a particular couch, and most definitely on my pillow on the bed he usually prefers to be sleep atop someone’s head.  Definitely cat-like.  In fact, I attribute this to the fact that his early puppyhood was spent in the company of a cat, who I am convinced tried to get him to turn to the dark side.

Although amusing, none of these even come close the most cat like thing I have seen Little Dog do to date.  After having my parents over for a nice dinner Sunday, Little dog was found…

Are you ready for it…

Standing on the kitchen table!  Mind you, he was eating a stick of butter… but standing on the kitchen table, like a cat would do.  Funny thing was, he looked so proud of himself for figuring out how to get up there.  Previously, I only had to worry about big dog getting things off the table, but no more.  Two days later, we were still washing butter out of his beard.  Luckily, he was scheduled for a groom and I can proudly say he has been de-buttered!

Sigh, what will be next.


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