One of the reasons that I decided to take a vacation was that it is actually my birthday on December 15! This year I turned 32.  Luckily, the actual day was about a week after my hospital adventure, so that turned out well.  Unfortunately, Joker ended up waking up that morning violently ill… so yeah.

It’s difficult to have a birthday so close to the holidays.  I can’t even remember how many times, I got snowed out from my party, no one could come because of a holiday party, or some combination of people were ill.  Don’t even get me started on getting gifts wrapped in CHRISTMAS paper, as if birthday paper goes extinct this time of year.  I also had envy of my brother’s who’s April birthday allowed him to two separate days of presents!

I digress.  It’s definitely not all bad having a December birthday and now a days I make the best of it.  It helps that my family has always made an effort to make it special for me.  This year, Joker actually planned for my family to meet me at a local restaurant as a surprise.  Unfortunately, he didn’t stay too long because he was so ill, but I had a great time with my family.  My mom and I ended up going on a shopping adventure in the afternoon, and the rest of the weekend was spent home happily binge watching netflix shows and rock painting – an introvert’s dream!

I don’t know if it’s the nearness to the new year though, I do tend to get rather pensive this time of year as I age.  I have to say that, despite the trials and tribulations with mental health this year, I am still in a much better place overall.  My life is taking shape, and I am learning how to sculpt it into what I want and that is great.  I have no doubts (in general when the depression shuts up!) that the best is yet to come.   As my phoenix reminds me daily, there is nothing in this world that I can’t get through, and my book reminds me that this story isn’t near over yet and there is so much left for me to write!

So here’s to 32!


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