Puppy Fever

Some people get baby fever… but I get puppy fever!  There is something about a little tiny baby puppy that just gets me right here.  *Taps over heart with fist*  Puppies have tiny little paws, tails, tongues and teeth.  They are so curious, playful and the way they run is hilarious!  Coordination isn’t quite there yet, and it’s so funny.

So why the sudden puppy fever?  My parent’s have gotten a new puppy.  She is a cock-a-poo (read: Mutt bread from cocker spaniel and poodle).  I am obsessed.  Puppy kisses and puppy love.  I. Can’t. Even.

I should mention that I grew up in a home totally devoid of fluffy pets as a child.  We did have pets… hermit crabs, sea monkeys, snails, fish oh yeah and caterpillars that we captured in the yard.  You know, the normal stuff.  So, it is a bit humerus that they do have dogs now. I blame little dog for being so darn cute when they puppy=sat him years ago.

At any rate, I am in a complete understanding that I have no room in the inn when it comes to additional pets.


Puppy kisses!




2 thoughts on “Puppy Fever

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