Painting… with a Twist

Friday night, Joker decided we should go out on a date.  Since I have been painting rocks he suggested that we go to Painting with a Twist.  If you aren’t familiar with them, they are a franchise that started in Louisiana, where you can go for an evening an paint a picture for a small fee.  There is an artist who talks you through the process, and gives little pointers.  You could have never painted before, and it will be a blast.  The twist?  You can bring an adult beverage of your choice to the class as well.

I was super nervous to go to the class!  I have never been to something like that before, and I was nervous about painting with so many other people.  In the end, we ended up meeting some nice folks, and had a great time doing something out of our element.


Joker and I and our masterpieces!

So what do you think?

I think I’ll stick with the writing, but we did have a good time!


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