An Ode to 2017

Author’s Note: This has become a yearly tradition on face book for me to write a poem of the previous year.  I find its rather fun and interesting, and it’s been a lot of fun to look back at the previous years.  If there is interest, I’ll some of the previous years, but you have to comment below!  😛


2017 you started off strong!
I moved to a new building
But boy I was wrong.

A shorter commute that much is true
but who would have known
All the Hell I’d go through.

It turns out the job was not all that it seemed
Though there on the surface,
it practically gleamed!

In March when things first came to a head
I suffered a fall
and was confined to a bed.

A sprain in the ankle, I finally relented
and after 3 months of treatment.
I finally mended.

In March a new endeavor a blog I did start
To follow my passions
And what’s in my heart.

I’ve made 94 entries, and am starting to soar
Thanks be to all
Who don’t think I’m a bore.

In July, we joined forces and Joker moved in
(If we could just sell his house,
It would be win-win-win).

I went from a family of four to fourteen
We still are working on
Finding our new routine

And by fourteen, I do not mean kids then
I mean Joker and I,
Reptiles and a five puppy den.

Over the summer there was so much to do
and I suffered a set back
of Depression too.

By the fall, I was managed and on my new meds
and everything at work
Well it came again to a head

I realized the stress was surely not helping
and to a good friend,
I did do some yelping.

It turned out she needed help in a brand new position
Which has brought peace
and a renewed faith and mission

I’m learning to be the best P.T. I can be
and remember why I thought
It would be good career for me.

September was also a time of great cheer!
I got engaged to Joker
What a happy year!

While Thanksgiving and Christmas had me a bit down,
I definitely am on
My way to rebound.

With renewed optimism, it’s ever-changing you see
Every month, every year,
most importantly… Me!

I never know what the new year will bring by
but I’m a happy to face it
And I’m happy to try!


3 thoughts on “An Ode to 2017

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