A Review of Work Life

If you read my Ode to 2017 , then you might have realized that there were several stanzas that discussed things coming to a head, and several transitions in my work life.  I am happy to report that I am continuing to work for the same company that I have been working for since July 2016. I am not however, even in the same position that I was in when I discussed my work life in April.

Over the summer, I tried my best to transition out of one building into a full time position managing and building a program from the ground up.  However, the bottom line often came above development.  After months of flux trying to make it work and a set back with my mental health over the summer I had started to realize it just wasn’t worth it.  I considered leaving my company all together, however I ended up talking to a good friend first about my frustrations (she also works at the same company I do).

She suggested that I apply for a transfer into a position that she had open at her site and in October, I was on the move again.  To be honest, it has been the best career decision that I have made since I started working at the hospital.  I am so very happy that I made this decision.  While there will always be downsides to my career, I am overall much happier than I have been at work in the past two years.  So this year, as I enter 2018 there is a sense of stability that I lacked last year.  I am so happy to have made the transition and over the past few months, have discovered a renewed interest in the career path to which I have dedicated my time.

It’s a huge burden lifted to be in a position that I am enjoying.  I am thrilled to have the stress relief that is allowing me more time to focus on other areas of my life, including my family, my puppies and my hobbies.  As it turns out, I can have a work/life balance.



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