The Story of Little Dog

A few weeks ago, I wrote a small post about the misadventures of little dog and I realized that I have not yet had a chance to write his story.  So with out further adieu, I give you the story of Little Dog.

Little dog came into my life in November of 2010.  He was just about, or just over two years old when I met.  At the time, I was still working at my first every therapy job in a local nursing home.  Shortly after I got Fluffy dog, my co-worker lamented that she wished that she knew that I was in the market for a dog as she had one she needed to re-home.  As it turns out, she had gotten a dog in a moment of rashness and realized quickly that she could not provide him an ideal home.  She attempted re-homing and after being told at the shelter he would likely be euthanized because he was black and anxious, she re-approached me and asked in earnest if Fluffy dog would be interested in a friend.

So on a cold fall night, we met at a local pet store and introduced the two dogs.  I then took him home for a weekend meet and great.  After a few hours of crying at the door and a near death experience when he escaped my yard, he and Fluffy dog became fast friends!  They started playing almost immediately.

Little dog has always has a strong bond with me, and he never really liked my first husband.  He is small, but he is mighty.  Almost everyone who meets him loves him dearly.  He loves so much.  When I have had exchange students, I have often have complaints that he won’t stop following them around the house!  He was always most happy sitting in the rooms of my exchange students, guarding them while they do homework.  He is definitely the guard dog of the house, alerting us to ambulances, fire trucks, and potential trespassers (like the mailman).  He even guards me when I am most vulnerable like when he sits outside the shower or by the bathroom door when I am using the toilet.

Little dog also literally purrs when he is pet, and has about six teeth.  Though I have tried to keep his teeth healthy he has had incredibly bad genetics which have caused him to lose many.  This hardly stops him from eating literally anything he can sink those few teeth into.

Little dog has also transformed my family is so many other ways.  After spending some time with my parents when I was on a trip to Ireland, he melted their hearts to dogs and was the reason that they added a third puppy to the family this Christmas.

Little dog is my little old man of the group and I could not love him more.  I hope that I continue to have many, many years with him and my extended puppy family.


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