Snow White

When I was little I always identified most with Belle out of all of the Disney princesses.  I mean come on, that library, am-i-right!? Oddly enough though, I now find myself being nick named “Snow White” at work and I do find it strangely fitting.

Every day at lunch, I go grab a sandwich from the Bistro and head upstairs to have lunch with my inpatient friends.  I do this for a few reasons, but mostly for a change of scenery and for the company.

The day in question started like any other, after grabbing my egg salad I headed upstairs to each my lunch.  I think it is worth a mention that I like the egg salad they sell at our bistro because it is simple.  Eggs and mayo, and not of that other crunchy non-sense that one can find in the various sandwich salads.  So I’m three quarters of the way through my lunch….


My first thought is that this is a chunk of celery, and I am mildly annoyed.  I quickly realize that the piece of mystery object is a little too large to be celery.  Naturally, I discreetly discard the item in my napkin, and I find the offending object to be…..

an apple chunk.

I bet you imagined something worse right?  However, for me there can be NOTHING worse to find in my food than raw apples, or tree fruit of ANY kind in the raw form.  I developed an allergy to them in my mid-20’s when I nearly died from anaphylaxis on the first day of my first marriage (remember how I said Vacations Are Hazardous to My Health?  I was so not kidding. and that is a story for another day.  Comment below if you want to hear it sometime).

I immediately ran to the sink and started rinsing out my mouth profusely.  I am anxious just thinking about it!  Luckily I did not further consume the apple chunk and was able to fully rinse my mouth quickly and suffered no ill effects.

I didn’t escape being dubbed “Snow White” though, as my speech friend gently chided (after all danger was over) that it would be ironic if an apple was my downfall.

So, Lenora Rules – no raw fruits… but feel free to bake them up in a pie.  Then it’s all good.  I know, I’m an odd one.


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