Ode to 2015

Author’s Note: After sharing this year’s Ode to 2017 I thought it would be rather fun to share my Ode to 2015.  In 2015, I separated from my ex-husband, moved to another state, officially divorced, and sadly saw my exchange student A go home to Mexico.

2015 I am glad we are through
I could not wait to get rid of you

We strated the year with breaking my heart.
My marriage was over, the need to restart

Then came the weather, it snowed and it snowed
Until we were buried 7 feet below

There were many bad things that happened that spring
Including I finally gave up my ring.

In June I said by to A and got my new place
With so many demons still left to face

I painted and unpacked and kept myself busy
But overall it all made me dizzy

New doctors, new job even a new vet
And you will realize it only halfway yet!

Then finally in September the good news it came!
The divorce was official, I got a new name!

I got a tattoo which was a surprise
I almost thought my grandparents would die 😉

The holidays came, they filled me with dread
But there was to be some happiness instead

A new exchange student, and she’s kinda cool
Her name is I and she’s from a Thai school.

December brought 30, and some new friends
And finally this year, it drew to an end.

In 2016 I would like to bet
There will be more changes, it will be the best yet

And a special shout out to those who helped me get through
I could not have gotten through this year without you

To Shepard and A and my mom and dad
You have all kept me from being too sad

So now 2015, the time has now come
This is it we are over, we are finally done!

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