What I’m Reading: Time and Again

So oddly enough, I haven’t read a book about time travel in years.  But I found myself reading this book Time and Again shortly after finishing To Say Nothing of the Dog.  This book was also given to me almost a year ago, but this time by Joker’s Mom for my birthday last year.

So this book was written in the 1970’s by Jack Finney.  Interestingly, the book has a very different premise on how time travel can occur, utilizing scientific principles that time is a fourth dimension, and that all time happens at the same time.  In other words, that what has happened in the 1800’s is occurring now.  So, to access the past one has to self hypnotize to bring oneself into a different time dimension.  (I’m not sure that I at all explained that, those scientific principles are a bit over my head!).

At any rate, it was a very believable way to look at time travel.  I did find it interesting though, that for me, the “current time” sections were just as foreign being now nearly 50 years ago.  This was both in how the main character lived and also because he describes New York City even differently than I know it to be!

The other part of the book that I really liked was that the narrator includes drawings and photos of his journey to document his research and travels.  He is also in the process of attempting to solve a mystery, and on top of all that, he falls in love with a woman from the past.  It’s all very well written and for me, it was much easier to get into the full story.

I would definitely recommend this book to someone who enjoys the time travel/paranormal romance or science fiction genre.


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