An Ode to 2016

Author’s Note: This is part of a series.  You can read the Ode to 2015  and the An Ode to 2017 to follow the progression of growth over the past three years.

2016 for you I could not wait
It was time for new beginnings
I had a new slate.

I started a job, and managed a crew
I would be happy right there for a few

In April there came ever so happy
A goddaughter Beanie! (I am so sappy).

I put on my wings, and made quite a scene
But it was all in good fun for Sheppard and Bean.

I started on Match, and it caused me to be stressed,
but now I am glad, I am feeling so blessed.

I met my Joker, and am super happy
It seems that my whole new year was sappy.

Of course there were some sad times, when I cried.
Like sending I off twice with good-byes!

Then a sudden job change and not for the better
I ended up sending a resignation letter.

A new job began about July,
Between that and camping the summer did fly

Before I knew it, the summer was done,
K had arrived and we had some fun.

It turned out however that it was temporary,
And in November she got a new family.

The final division from me and the louse
Also came in November when I sold my old house.

And then on to December, and I’m now “in my thirties”
(and even just saying that makes me feel dirty) )

My car broke down and good bye was said
to my sweet HHR, the great Betty Red.

And now it’s beginning with 2017
What will that bring, it will soon be seen.

Here’s hoping that this year will continue to be
Filled with a happier healthier me.

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