Avoiding the Plague

There is a lot that I like about winter.  The beauty of a fresh snow.  Warm tea and hot chocolate.  New TV shows.  Puppy snuggles. A new book.  Not having to shave your legs. It’s a great time of year for me to stay indoors guilt free, because it’s too cold to be outdoors.

On the flip side, it’s too cold to go out because the air will literally hurt your face.  Your windshield is perpetually covered in a gray film from salt and sand.  Oh yeah, and winter illness.

While I am sure that there is a reasonable scientific explanation as to why we see more illness in the winter, I don’t know what it is off the top of my head.  But this time of year, I dread going into public because there are always a multitude of people coughing, sniffing and usually on or at you.   Don’t even get me started about the co-workers who come in knowing they are ill, it’s bad enough that sometimes people come in not knowing and have to leave early!

So it’s a constant repeat of wash hands, wash hands, wash hands, purell, throughout the day.  I have not fully escaped from illness, having already paid my dues with the asthma flare earlier this year.  Joker has been down and out with a “non-flu” (tested negative, but pretty much had the exact symptoms of influenza).

It’s hard not to become a hypochondriac, when every day more and more people you know are down and out with one thing or another.  Do you think that it’s possible I can put myself in a bubble until the season of the sick is over???

Course then it will be allergy season…


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