Trying New Things: Photography Class

This year, I am continuing my commitment to trying new things.  Joker and I decided to join a photography class at the local community college.  So, armed with a new camera, and an open mind we committed to learning.

Joker, Ready to learn things

The course took place over two consecutive Fridays.  Turns out photography is essentially all about light.  Every modification you can make to the photograph is basically controlling the amount of light that you allow into the camera while capturing the image.  This is my summary of two weeks of photography class.

I am excited to learn more about photography and to be able to have some ability to take better pictures to share on the blog!  Previously all of my images are either pilfered from the internet, or taken by myself from my smart phone.

A sweet photo of Yappy Dog 

So far, I’ve mostly been playing with the camera indoors, because it continues to be dreary and drab here.  Luckily I have a lot of dogs to take photos of to make it interesting.

My Sweet Fluffy Dog – he is so photogenic

We did have an unusually warm day this week, when the weather hit 73 degrees Fahrenheit.  We couldn’t resist taking advantage of the weather and getting out there to play with the different lenses.

A wide angle shot of nothing in particular.
Playing with camera angle and focus.

I’m pretty pleased with my initial attempts, and I hope to get better as time goes on and I have more time to practice.  I am looking forward to our next class which is all about composition…

Until next time!


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