Exciting Work News!

As you may know, by day I am a mild mannered physical therapist.  After being on the move for the past few years, I settled in to a position as a geriatric outpatient therapist at what we refer to as a CCRC (continuing care retirement community).

What is unique about these types of communities is that seniors are free to enter the community at the age of sixty and up.  There are a variety of options to include villas, cottages and independent living apartments.  As they progress, and potentially decline, there are options for them to transition to assisted living, and even long term care.  They can also utilize the short term rehab facilities if needed.  The benefit to this type of community is that the resident can live out the rest of their years in one location.  It also creates a vibrant social experience for the residents.  There are opportunities to be involved in no end of committees, social engagements, clubs, sports, and more.  Our community features a fitness center and pool, adult learning programs, a greenhouse and community garden, woodworking shop and more!

The flip side?  This kind of retirement experience is not inexpensive.  So, many folks have that barrier to contend with.

At any rate, I started working in this community in October, and I can honestly say that it has been a great life choice.  I very much enjoy my clients, and co-workers and with expansion happening, it has been really fun to be a part of building up the team.  Another plus, that I am not sure I have previously discussed is that I get to work with a good friend from college, Cowgirl.  We actually met my freshman year, so I have known her about fifteen years.  We were in the same fraternity, and even were in each other’s weddings.

Kelly Wedding
Getting Sassy at Cowgirl’s Wedding

I was a little nervous about working “under” Cowgirl, but the timing and the job was right.  I think mostly because I didn’t want to let her down, and I definitely did not want to compromise our friendship.  However, within a few weeks we really got into a groove and I have really enjoyed working with her.  It feels as if we are in therapy school again, collaborating and so on.  Cowgirl is an excellent director too.  She is fair, but firm, and judicious.  She is an advocate for the patient’s and for her staff and is always open to new ideas.  Even if I didn’t know her well, she is very approachable.  It’s evident that the staff respect her and feel the same based on conversations we have had.

The only problem that she’s been having as a director.  There is just too many things for one person to direct!  So, she casually picked my brain about reprising my role as an assistant director.  As I was informally acting this role, (albeit with a little less responsibility), I was happy when approached by our regional to formally take a position (and a small raise!).  Our regional put it like this, “You two make a really great team.”  Assistant Director perk, no more mandatory weekend work day!  Woo Hoo!  (I will however be alternating on call hours over the weekends, but I can deal with that!).

I think sometimes that things can be a struggle.  There have been times in my life that I’m just working so hard to make a situation work that just isn’t working.  It’s not in my nature to “quit,” but to carry on and try harder.  However, sometimes letting go and letting yourself move on from a situation that you have given your best shot is the best thing you can do.  When you are on the right path, the universe with provide you with more opportunities than you think possible.  You just have to take the blinders off to see them.




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