February Flop

With February being such a short month, I didn’t expect to be able to do as many posts as usual.  I didn’t expect to only get in five though!  So what have I been up to this month…

Well, we started off with a LOT of Olympics watching.  I am definitely Olympic obsessed.  I had the privilege this year of having cable, so I was able to watch a cable sports network and get even MORE Olympics, including FULL coverage of all the ice skating events.  I was surprised that the United States were not medal contenders in a variety of sports this year, but was happy to watch some of the other countries absolutely nail their sports.  I also noted that there were a great number of American born athletes who had chosen to represent other countries (of course they were current citizens of that country!).

Another reason that I have been off the blog lately is that we have been dealing with a variety of illnesses.  I (*knocks on wood*) have remained relatively healthy the past month.  There have been a lot of folks out at work though, and on top of that Joker has been ill off and on for the past month.  Though it was not the flu, the symptoms have been very similar and there has been a LOT of coughing, sleeping and Gatorade.    We also had a very scary visit to the Emergency Department (for Joker) last week, when he developed what we thought was an allergic reaction.  For now, all is well and just in time for him to close up his old house and get to closing on time!

The last rather big thing that’s been keeping me away from the computer in February has been a major renovation project that we undertook.  I want to dedicate a separate entry to the details, but we have been redoing a large part of the floors in the house.  Luckily we finished today, and I could not be more pleased with the results!

Coming up this week, I start my first official writing class!  (I don’t think it was cancelled – though our last photography class was).  So I am very much looking forward to that!

Here’s to hearing more from me in March!


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