Happy Blog-a-versary!

Today is officially the 1 year anniversary of the inception of this blog!  I want to personally thank everyone who follows along on my adventures.  There are 40 of you right now (and many more that aren’t followers!) and I am so proud to have this much interest in just one year.  I honestly thought that I would be just shouting into the void.  But, in the past 12 months we have also welcomed visitors from 37 different countries, and have had 926 visitors.

How did it all get started?  I started this blog last year, as a challenge to myself to write more and pursue my dream of becoming an author.   With a 30 day challenge blog challenge to start us off, the blog has also evolved to follow not only my journey to authorship, but to also document my struggles and triumphs post divorce, abuse and living with depression and anxeity.   This project has been really wonderful for me to not only evolve as a writer, but to really take the opportunity to put myself out there and evolve as a person.

In the upcoming year, I hope to continue to share more of the things that I love and that I’ve learned.  To try more new things, to continue to become the best version of myself that I can be.  I hope to hear more from you, my readers and would love to incorporate more of your ideas for blog topics.

Here’s to a great year, and many more to come!


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